5 tips for more positive energy

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“busy busy”
“I don’t have time”
Recognizable answers when I ask you how you’re doing?

Give yourself attention and priority to be able to be there for everyone else. If you feel good and feel strong, you can also be fully there for others.

5 tips for more positive energy

1. After effort, comes relaxation.
Top athletes do not go on endlessly without resting, after exercising there is always time to relax, both mentally and physically. All those things that we as women are doing at the same time is also top sports. Pay attention to a fresh mind in a fit body. A healthy balance between work and private life, between rest and energy.

Do you find it difficult to make time for half an hour every day? Divide it into short pieces. Interrupt your day with short breaks and go for a walk in the fresh air between tasks.

2. Plan your relaxation.
Dare to plan time for yourself in your agenda, that most important time with yourself. Time is incredibly precious. Yet we all have the same number of minutes in a day. And time, dear people, can only be consumed. Buying some extra time is impossible. Unless… can you feel it coming? From yourself!

Spend your time in view of your desired lifestyle and your energizers!

It all comes down to planning your time as efficiently as possible. This way you get a lot more done than you think, and this will give you much more positive energy!

3. Say ‘no’ more often than ‘yes’ for more positive energy.
We live on a YES-highway. Our brain is programmed to say YES.

Yes, to all the stimuli of our smartphone, Facebook and Instagram.
Yes, to all the questions from our children, partner, colleagues, managers, parents and so on.
Yes, to everything and everyone.

And how often do you say YES to yourself? Take a break from time to time. Put yourself on the hard shoulder of the YES-highway or drive off for a while. Shift down a gear. Consciously say “no” to at least 3 things today. Because saying no to something or someone else is saying yes to yourself. It is consciously choosing for yourself.

4. Communicate with an I-message.
Indicate your boundaries and say what you really think and want.

Assertiveness is a skill YOU CAN learn. Whether it concerns your employees or your colleagues who disturb you all the time, your children, your parents who have certain expectations, …. sometimes you can really say no. Assertiveness doesn’t mean you have to be disrespectful or harsh. It is rather the art of saying no in a respectful, classy and connecting way. You can say something in a connecting way that you really think and want. By using the “not that, but this” method. For example, you can say: this weekend will not work in my agenda, but next month ….” Offer an alternative!

And if you communicate from the I-person instead of YOU, you will speak from your own feelings and needs instead of from judgment or blame against the other person. The conversation will be much more positive and open. For example, ‘I can hardly concentrate on my work with the music this loud, could you please turn it down a bit?’

5. Dare to ask and be supported.
Start from your strengths and use them. Learn to delegate and ask for help based on these strengths. What can you solve in your life by outsourcing or delegating something that you are not so strong at or do not get as much energy from? Such as: household help, a nanny, cooking, ironing, administration, accounting, personal assistant, …

Then change your limiting belief “I have to do everything on my own” into a supportive belief “I can and may ask for help”. There are people who are better at the technical part of my business. I can really ask for help, that’s why I outsource this. Or a nanny in the house when the kids were little, a cleaning assistant, help in the garden, …

Asking for help isn’t weak, it’s a great example of how to take care of yourself.

Charlie Brown

Do you find it difficult to apply these tips and find balance in your work-life? We are happy to help you and offer you a free conversation for your questions. On to more positive energy.