What our customers say

Ann De Bisschop takes you to a fantastic well-being future! A speaker with a lasting impression that motivates you.

Sophie Vandamme

Chief HR Officer BeLux LIDL

With simple tips & tricks that can be implemented immediately in everyone’s personal environment, Ann has certainly been able to inspire our management team. Her enthusiasm is contagious and encourages you to get started right away.

Wendy Verheyden

Communication Manager Vinci Energies Belgium

We started with some wellbeing Keynotes from Ann De Bisschop for our managers and employees.
The response has been very positive.
In preparation of the keynotes, we had already shared a lot of information with Ann: this together with the feedback and questions from our managers, made us ask Ann how she saw a possible evolution and whether she knew people who could help us with this. In fact, we became the first clients of The Circle of Wellbeing without even knowing it.
What we experienced as very positive are the following elements: they listen and think along with us, and we get a tailor-made solution according to our needs.
Moreover, we are challenged and questioned in a constructive way, which helps us to see things in a different perspective. This sometimes allows us to get out of our well-known pattern as a company.
Very pleasant cooperation with everyone we have been able to work with so far: Ann and Klara. They not only have knowledge, but also share practical experiences.

Nancy De Wit

HRM Bnp Paribas Leasing

Ann gave a very spicy keynote for a large group of employees. Thanks to her enthusiasm and her positive attitude, she has inspired both French-speaking and Dutch-speaking colleagues. Her practical tips were very well received by everyone. Her presentation gives you energy and the desire to get to work immediately with her many tips.

Dominique Top

Belfius Bank

Ann is the champion of ‘Wellbeing’ in Belgium. We have invited Ann to give a webinar for Aon to encourage our clients to reflect on and take wellbeing initiatives.

Kristina Vanhaute

Marcom Manager Aon Belgium

The VIP Coaching program with Klara is a very pleasant experience, I feel very good about it.

I wanted some help with my work-life balance because this is difficult as an entrepreneurial woman. I think the challenge here is a bit bigger because I am still a mother at heart.

For me, it is also very important to know how to communicate with my team members in order to become a smoother communication and a better manager.

As a result of her coaching, I take more time for myself now, think about why I do certain things and think about how I can improve my communication with the team to have better meetings and growth conversations. This makes it easier for us to communicate.

Furthermore, it has allowed me to put things in perspective, also privately, and hence create more freedom in my head.

What is nice is that there is enough time between our appointments so that I can think carefully about what has been discussed, can continue to work on it and apply what I have learned.

Stephanie Raedt

zaakvoerder E-FIT

Ann’s tips & experiences do not require large investments, but small steps that have a big effect for everyone. Her passion, communication style and very people-oriented approach makes her unique. Her lecture is a true gift for everyone!

Karoline Fievez

Director teamleiders.nu Belgium

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