People join companies but leave their managers

Klara Vandenbosch

Leadership and organizational coach & facilitator

For five years I have been running my own coaching business because it is my passion to inspire and activate entrepreneurs and managers towards positive energy and personal leadership.
This will make you stronger, allow you to communicate and work better with your team and make you more successful in your work and life.

After more than 25 years of business experience at international companies in purchasing and project management, I felt that something was still missing and that is why I made the switch to set up my own company.

The guiding principle in my life is a healthy mind in a healthy body. I get energy from exercise and healthy food. It gives me vitality that I pass on in my coaching sessions. I consciously choose what I want and do, in function of my values and dreams. I give myself the time and space to gain insight into my wishes. This is my personal recipe for my well-being, it’s how I feel energetic, happy and at my best as a wife, mom, entrepreneur and leader.

As a leadership coach and facilitator, I help you and your organization on your way to more well-being through stronger leadership. I do this by means of individual leadership programs and workshops.

The Circle of Wellbeing ensures that your people are happier, more motivated and healthier.

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