No progress without feedback

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I hope that those who read this and work for an employer receive feedback on a regular basis.

I hope you don’t work for a company or organization that still has an “annual evaluation interview” with you …. Because unfortunately they still exist. Even though this is completely outdated.

Today, you give feedback continuously and on an informal basis. Showing and expressing appreciation is essential if you want motivated and happy employees. Did you know that – if you show appreciation – the motivation of your employees increases by 88%? And that retention will increase by 68 because of that? Figures to remember in the current “war for talent”.

Everyone likes to be recognized and confirmed in what they do. So be generous with sincere compliments. End a meeting with a nice compliment. Notice positive actions. Positive feedback can be given in a group. Negative feedback is better given individually. Giving feedback is best done with what I call the “BFCD model”. It helps to give structure
to your conversation:

1: Behaviour – you describe the behavior that your colleague shows and that you want to give feedback on
2: Feeling – you describe the feeling you get as a result
3: Consequence – you describe the effect of this behaviour on you and the environment
4: Desired behavior – Now you tell what kind of behaviour you would like to see and what positive consequences this will have.

By showing appreciation and giving regular feedback, you get a higher engagement, more motivated colleagues and therefore better results! And that’s where Klara can give a lot of advice and tips within The Circle of Wellbeing.