Your organization, vision and team are unique.

Through our approach, we ensure that we preserve the unique character of your organization and at the same time strengthen the foundation on which you build, your people.

We do this based on
7 Wellbeing pillars

Incorporated company culture and values

The ABC of happiness at work: autonomy, involvement and competences

Mental well-being

Strong leadership

Growth perspectives

Physical health

Positive connection

A roadmap tailored to your company.


Define a wellbeing strategy

Together we determine which of the 7 Wellbeing pillars your organization wants to focus on to make a difference.


Where do you want to be the best at?


In which pillar does your organization want to achieve a top 3 position in its market?


How does your organization want to achieve this?

This phase includes both defining the strategy and determining the goals and timings to be achieved. Before proceeding in the process, it is necessary that it is validated and endorsed by the entire management.

Stakeholders • Management

Development of Change Program

Based on an AS IS analysis, we determine together which steps must be taken to achieve the goals – the TO BE situation. This means:


Achieving the minimum desired level for all seven Wellbeing pillars


Drawing up the trajectory to dominate the market with the pillar in which you want to excel as a company


Drawing up the trajectory to become one of the best in the market in the area in which you want to differentiate yourself


Determining the timings to reach the desired levels

For each of these initiatives, we determine the scope, the budget, the stakeholders, the way in which we involve the internal organization and the timing.

Stakeholders • Management, Operations, HR

Launch Communication & Engagement Program

Together we determine which initiatives need to be taken to involve the internal organization in the further elaboration and implementation of your plan through:


Inspiration sessions






Internal communication


Recruitment and activation of ambassadors

In this way we ensure that the initiatives you undertake are supported by the organization and immediately have a positive effect on the engagement of your employees.

Stakeholders • Marketing/Communication, HR, Operations

Translating strategy into core competencies, leadership style and behaviour of employees

In order to embed the wellbeing strategy in the long term, it is necessary to translate your strategic choices into core competencies, leadership style and desired behaviour of your employees.

This way you make clear to your employees and managers what you expect of them in the future to fulfil their crucial role in the realisation of your wellbeing strategy. We also embed this in your employer branding approach.

Stakeholders • Marketing/Communication, HR, Operations

Review internal (HR) processes

Now it is time to review all key processes to embed the objectives of the wellbeing strategy:


Approach to career paths


Feedback and evaluation processes


Telework policies and charter


Terms of employment & regulations


Preparation of HR budget


In this way we guarantee that the wellbeing strategy becomes an integral part of the operational processes, today and tomorrow. This will allow you to keep the promises that you make as an organization to your employees.

Stakeholders • HR

Intensive training and coaching of executives

The long-term success of the strategy is determined for a large part by the managers in your organization. Their behaviour, their way of acting, both internally and externally, should ‘breathe’ your wellbeing policy in all circumstances. Only then will the policy be recognized as authentic, supported and valuable.

To achieve this, we put together a training and coaching plan to guide your managers in taking up their role as guardians of your strategy in the future.

Stakeholders • HR, Operations

Structural evaluation of new initiatives

Together with management and based on the experiences during the process, we determine how future new wellbeing initiatives will be determined so as to embed the focus on employee wellbeing for the long-term. In addition, we also establish the framework within which new initiatives will be evaluated and we work out a standard plan for implementation so that your organization can work with it in the future.

Stakeholders • Management, HR, Operations

Depending on the extent to which wellbeing is already being experienced in your organization today and your goals in terms of timing and budgets, we determine which parts of our roadmap require the most attention, which quick wins we can realize and how we can convert this into a change program that is adapted to the capacity, resilience and context of your organization.

The implementation of wellbeing starts with ensuring the right balance between improvement – the goals of your program – and change – the consequences of the change for your organization – so that you can maximize its benefits.

This is what you can count on us for.