Our offer


We support companies that want to take their HR strategy to the next level by explicitly and structurally focusing on wellbeing and happiness at work of their employees, fully in line with the organisation’s strategy.

We always work in partnership with our customers and in a phased approach. At the start of our collaboration, we investigate together which initiative will allow us to create a fast and high impact on the organisation at that moment in time. This way, we build a foundation on which we can build and realise immediate impact. Through a few well-focused initiatives, we ensure that the organisation is on the right track to realising its ambition.


Ann has already given more than 600 keynotes at home and abroad, both for SMEs and large multinationals, for management and board teams as well as for large groups of employees. Each keynote is customised, based on an intake interview, and in this way always adapted to the needs and wishes of the customer. Some examples of topics that may be covered are:

  • Wellbeing = profit²
  • Don’t work harder, but smarter
  • The importance of EQ in leadership
  • Female leadership
  • Be well to be at your best
  • Work more efficiently: more focus – less meetings – better mailbox management

The keynotes can be given in 4 languages: Dutch – French – English – German


Our workshops range from a few hours to several days (whether consecutive or spread over a longer period). We cover the whole spectrum of subjects related to increasing well-being and happiness in the workplace. From a leadership session to learning and practicing how to manage stress or prevent burnout. Our workshops are delivered by highly experienced trainers/facilitators who can look back on a rich career and are happy to share their experience. The setting can be small, but we also manage large groups with multiple facilitators.

Some topics:


  • Management team workshops, linked to personal leadership profiles within the team. Some examples:
    • Open and impactful communication
    • Giving and receiving feedback constructively
    • Building trust
    • Improving cooperation and communication based on personality profiles (Disc, Insights Discovery etc)
    • Positive connection
  • Developing a vision on Wellbeing
  • Communicating with impact
  • Stress & burnout prevention
  • Keep/Improve/Stop/Start/Continue
  • Turning your policy into a story (storytelling)
  • Wellbeing in times of hybrid working
  • Social cohesion

Some challenges require more than an ad hoc or one-off initiative, such as a keynote or workshop. That is why we have the necessary experts available to support organisations in the slightly longer term. Together, we work out a programme that is fully tailored to the organisation’s specific challenge(s) and objectives. In doing this, we also include all the expertise needed to ensure optimal results.

Some exemplary trajectories:


  • From developing a vision on Wellbeing within your organisation to elaborating a Wellbeing programme
  • Start-up of an ambassador programme and activities
  • Active follow-up of employee satisfaction/engagement surveys and setting up action plans
  • Development and implementation of leadership programmes
  • Development and introduction of a cultural change programma
  • Carrying out Wellbeing scan/survey/audit & developing, implementing and following up action plan(s)
  • Team coaching
  • Elaboration of an employer branding vision for the future
Wellbeing scan

The Circle of Wellbeing Team

To gain insight into what is the actual temperature within your organisation, we have developed our own Wellbeing scan. This short survey allows you to gain insight into how your employees feel your organisation is performing in each of the Wellbeing pillars, so you can start working with that input. This survey can serve both as a starting point and a continuous measurement instrument for monitoring the impact of the initiatives you take in terms of Wellbeing within your organisation.

Project management

Setting up a structural Wellbeing strategy is often a long-term project that requires project management support. In many cases, this expertise is not present or available within the organisation. Our Project Managers have both the necessary project management skills and Wellbeing expertise to take on a coordinating role until your organisation is ready to fill that role itself.

Type of projects:


  • Implementation of a Wellbeing policy
  • Guidance of Change processes
  • Organisation, evaluation and follow-up of pulse surveying
  • Design, implementation and follow-up of an annual Wellbeing plan
  • Interim Wellbeing Manager/Officer/Coordinator

Obviously, at The Circle of Wellbeing, we pay a lot of attention to the role of the leader within the organisation. Through individual coaching or leadership programmes, we work on strong, empathetic leadership, resulting the growth of individual leaders as well as management/director teams. And obviously, as The Circle of Wellbeing, we always include attention for job happiness within one’s team in our coaching trajectories.

Type of coaching programmes:


  • Individual coaching
  • Team coaching
  • Stress & burn-out coaching
Ad hoc advice

Are you already working on Wellbeing within your organisation and are you mainly looking for a sparring partner you can call on whenever you need one? Then we can also offer you a flexible subscription formula, whereby you can call on our experts, from generalist HR to L&D specialist and leadership and organisational coaches. Our experts are available to exchange views and share their ideas with you. All we expect from you in advance is an initial workshop to get to know your organisation and your HR and Wellbeing strategy better.