Recently someone called me “the Queen of Wellbeing”

by | Ann De Bisschop

So why not start a kingdom?

The fact that the past two years have been called “the biggest change of the century” by HR people should come as no surprise. All of a sudden, we were obliged to work from home, whether we were ready for that as a person or as an organization or not. It was  a struggle for many, finding their way and regularly bumping in to all sorts of difficulties. And what was initially an imposed situation became a new way of working, and yes, even a new way of living. But it does not run smoothly in every organization or in every household.

The past 2 years have had a huge impact on people’s resilience and mental balance. And let this be the engine of every organization: resilient, healthy, happy employees. But in many organisations the engine is stuttering, and I am called upon for help to get more positive energy and “enthusiasm” into an organisation. And I dare to say that I succeed quite well in that. After my keynote, I often get nice messages from the audience, or encouraging words from the management such as “we needed this, it has inspired us”.

Of course, I am happy with this nice feedback. But at the same time, I sometimes think: what now? What are you going to do next?  Because I often have another keynote the next day, in another company, another sector, another context. And even though I always say: I come here to do 3 things today: inspire you, motivate you and activate you, it is the latter where it sometimes goes wrong. The fresh new ideas and many tips may linger on for a while, but after a while people often relapse into old habits. . So I decided to do something about that! Not on my own, but with three other powerful women who, like me, “come from the business world” and therefore do not bring an soft, emotions based story. Together we will ensure that the well-being of your employees is embedded within your organization.

We ensure that the circle is complete. So yes, we do more than fruit and yoga. Empathic and  motivating leadership, autonomy and empowerment are also addressed, as well as the culture and values of your organization. We strive for a growth mindset and commitment among your employees and focus on optimal connection between your teams The mental balance and physical health of employees complete the circle.